If you prefer not to expose yourself to UV tanning beds, we also offer custom spray tanning here at our Hunters Creek tanning salon.  Our spray tans consist of specialty solutions, so you know you’re getting the top of the line spray tan that looks just like the real thing!  Whether you prefer spray tan over UV tanning beds or if you just want that beautiful glowing skin for a last minute event, we can accommodate your skin care needs at Tanning Agency.  We even offer monthly packages for all of our services!

Care and Feeding of a Spray Tan


  • Work out, Wax, Shave, Pedicures, Manicure and Spa Services
  • Exfoliate (hot shower, scrub and use clear soap), NO moisturizers or deodorant
  • Scrub well under arms
  • Shower Facilities available in the salon at the TANNING AGENCY
  • Wear loose clothing and shoes, no tight clothing
  • Plan not to wear a bra if Spray Tanning topless


  • Norvell PH Balancing Spray (to prime and PH balance skin)
  • Norvell regular solution or One Hour Rapid Tan (multiple coats available)
  • Norvell HydroFirm Moisturizing Spray (helps set Spray Tan Products)
  • Dried after each step with fans
  • We apply a drying powder to areas where you may perspire over the short term


  • Remain dry for 3 – 24 Hours depending on the Spray Tan Products used
  • Take short warm showers
  • Only rinse off during the first shower, no scrubbing, pat skin dry
  • When showering use a Sulfate Free and PH balanced soap and soft cloth
  • Moisturize 1-2 times daily with Norvell sunless color extenders
  • Perfume and Cologne should go on clothing not skin
  • Avoid high chlorine level pools if possible if not rinse off after swimming
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