Hydration Station

Our Hydration Stations offer Smooth, Soft, Supple skin by infusing vitamins and minerals in your skin through this 30 minute, personal steam bath… Detoxify your body while burning up to 600 calories. Enjoy color therapy and radiant heat therapy to rid your body of cellulite and improve your skins tone and texture. Skin is drenched by a proprietary combo of radiant heat and steam known as hydro-fusion…You’ll feel amazing and Hydrated after just one session.

We all know that as we age, so does our skin. The Tanning Agency offers state of the art Hydration Therapy to keep your skin looking youthful and brilliant, all while helping you to burn calories during the process. With just a 30 minute session at our Hunters Creek tanning salon, not only will we rejuvenate your skin with essential vitamins and minerals, but you will also be able to burn up to 600 calories just by laying in our hydration bed and restoring your beautiful skin. This therapy is perfect to combine with a tanning bed session and we offer package deals to include both!

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