Stand up tanning beds literally tan the body from head to toe in a hygienic and comfortable way. This booth places you at the center of a 360°tanning capsule so you are evenly exposed for an all over tan with no pressure points.


Relax in a Level 4 Bronzing Horizontal Tanning bed…Close your eyes and enjoy the warmth while you get bronzed. Our beds provide additional UV power focused on the shoulders and neck region as well as special facial bulbs for outstanding tanning results.


High Pressure Level 6 Tanning gives you a faster, darker tan with a reduced possibility of a sunburn. You will achieve a Bronzed Glow like you’ve been vacationing in the islands, in only 3 to 5 sessions. Recommended for Advanced or “Graduate” tanners. High Pressure tanning only needs a session once a week to maintain a dark tan. For those who are busy and on the go, this is a great option!

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